Community News

  • The High Divide

    Watch the new film that features our beautiful landscape, the CVA, and many of our wonderful partners across the High Divide.

  • News from the Refuge

    Centennial Valley's Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge is currently working on a sage grouse project; aerial monitoring 49 female grouse radio tagged in April 2014.

  • Centennial Valley History Volume II Scheduled for Spring Release

    The Centennial Valley Historical Society has been working on Volume II covering 1930-2014 for several years now by collecting stories and photographs and other archival material.

  • Student’s Project Focuses on Ecological Design at Center

    Environmental Humanities graduate student Shaun Daniel is undertaking one such effort this year. His capstone master’s project is focused on solving a real-world issue at the Center concerning water use and habitat.

  • Artist-in-Residence Program Celebration

    In celebration of the 2014 Artist-in-Residence program, join us for an exciting seven days and six nights in Montana's beautiful and remote Centennial Valley, in the heart of the Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge, one hour from Yellowstone National Park.

  • Guided Bird Watching in the Centennial Valley - June 20-22

    Don't miss this unique opportunity to join GYC and guide Dr. David Delehanty for a full weekend of unforgettable guided bird watching!