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Dr. Gail Zasowski and Dr. Dan Wik to Visit Centennial

The Milky Way
rising over a town.
Taken by Dr. Gail Zasowski. 

Dr. Gail Zasowski and Dr. Dan Wik are coming to Centennial to share their knowledge of the night sky. On August 9th, they will discuss their expertise and provide a tour of the constellations to students and community members. 

Dr. Gail Zasowski (UU) studies the formation and evolution of our own Milky Way Galaxy. She uses enormous datasets of the stars and interstellar clouds in the Milky Way to tackle problems like where different elements come from, and what's going on in the hidden center of our Galaxy.

Dr. Dan Wik (UU) is an X-ray astronomer, using space satellite telescopes like to study X-rays coming from galaxies and galaxy clusters.  He works to understand how the mergers of giant galaxy clusters work, and how black holes and neutron stars are born and die. 

August 9th, 2017

Last Updated: 7/1/21