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2020 Season Projects

With our doors closed for the 2020 season, we focused our energy on improving the safety and quality of the facilities on our campus for upcoming seasons. Here is a quick look at some of the major projects we completed.

Preserving Buildings

We sprayed preservative on all rustic cabins, the classroom, and dining hall. We also stained the decks of the rustic cabins and dry lab.
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Fences and Railings

We replaced and stabilized fences throughout campus, and installed new railings on the deck in front of the office and Shambow.
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We created a new pathway between the dorm and the classroom, and expanded the existing pathway to the rustic cabins.
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Dorm Repairs

A portion of drywall in the ceiling of the dorm's front room collapsed due to water damage over the winter. We waterproofed the deck above it to prevent similar issues in the future and replaced the drywall. We also repainted the front room and the kitchen.
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Additional Projects

  • Building maintenance, such as replacing old deck boards in front of Shambow and repairing the roof above the classroom porch
  • Cleaned out water features and added dams and culverts to enhance aesthetics while reducing water flow
  • Ongoing landscaping projects, including clearing out overgrown areas near buildings
  • Planted native seeds and managed noxious weeds on campus
  • Participated in Centennial Valley Association noxious weed spray days at Lima Dam, Red Rock Pass, and Metzel Creek
  • Created remote educational resources, including our ongoing Newsletter and Trail Talks


Last Updated: 7/1/21