University of Utah Courses

Ecology and Legacy

The local becomes global in an 18-credit hour Honors Ecology and Legacy Minor, the majority of which will be earned during an intensive 6-week summer block.


Ecology of Residency

Join us for the Ecology of Residency course! Now in it’s ninth year, this exciting and challenging course has become a core experience for many Environmental Humanities graduate students. 


Environmental Sustainability Studies Capstone

The objective of the capstone course is to meet that challenge. The course will emphasize and critique prevailing theories and models of environmental and sustainability issues, and apply what they have learned in other courses using these models. 


Exaltation in the Valley: Creative Writers Colony

Exaltation in the Valley is for graduate students in the University of Utah’s Creative Writing Program. It is a “by invitation only” writer’s colony.


TNC      Climate Change Communication and Place 

       This graduate seminar explores the relationship of place and geography to our communication about climate change and how        we make sense of it.