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Ecology and Legacy Integrated Minor

Centennial ValleyThe local becomes global in an 18-credit hour Honors Ecology and Legacy Minor, the majority of which will be earned during an intensive 6-week summer block.

This block will be strongly place-based at the University of Utah; The Great Salt Lake; The Taft-Nicholson Center in Centennial Valley, Montana; and the Peninsula Valdes in Patagonia, Argentina. Students will use science, arts and the humanities to critically think about interactions between humans and their world.

The program will explicitly make connections between ecosystems in the western USA and in Patagonia, Argentina thereby allowing students to understand broad patterns, similarities and differences in arid, rich, but sensitive landscapes, across cultural and political spectrums.

Course Requirements

(Printer-friendly Requirements)

Spring 2017

  • GEOG 3670, Geography of Latin America (online course)
    Fulfills IR requirement, 3 credits

Summer 2017 (July 1-August 15)

  • HONOR 2109, Intellectual Traditions: Through an Ecological Lens
    with Dr. Sylvia Torti
    Fulfills HF requirement, 6 credits
  • HONOR 3820, Critical Landscapes: the Politics of Land Use in Contemporary Art
    with Dr. Monty Paret
    Fulfills FF/BF requirement, 3 credits
  • HONOR 2700, Comparative Ecology: Species Interactions
    with Dr. Sylvia Torti and Dr. Luciano Valenzuela
    Fulfills SF requirement, 3 credits

Fall 2017

  • HONOR 3420 Writing the 100-Year Legacywith Dr. Andy Hoffman
    Fulfills CW requirement, 3 credits
    The major project for this course will ask each student to provide a well-researched, referenced, and thoughtful answer to the question: "What will my legacy be and how do I live my life now to better ensure my legacy comes to be?"

Total Credit Hours: 18
Course enrollment will be capped at 15-18 students

Last Updated: 6/28/21