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Environmental Sustainability Studies Capstone

Course Overview: ENVST 5000

Dates: September 7th - 10th 2017

The Environmental and Sustainability Studies Program offers a broad interdisciplinary education. Students are required to take classes from many different departments and colleges across campus. This provides students with a great deal of breadth, and exposes them to a multitude of ideas, theories, methodologies, and perspectives. The great pedagogical challenge for such programs is to provide coherence and an over-arching framework for that diverse learning experience.

The objective of the capstone course is to meet that challenge. The course will emphasize and critique prevailing theories and models of environmental and sustainability issues, and apply what they have learned in other courses using these models. Students will also have an opportunity to collectively brainstorm and network as to how to apply concepts and theories and discuss their relevance to their education, their role as responsible citizens, and the job market. Finally students will complete a project that utilizes their conceptual skills and what they have learned in their courses.

For more information contact:

Professor Jennifer Watt, Ph.D.
Associate Director, Environmental and Sustainability Studies Program
Last Updated: 5/8/17