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The Taft-Nicholson Environmental Humanities Education Center

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As an official extension of the University of Utah campus, the Taft-Nicholson Center works to bridge the arts and humanities with the sciences. Our mission is to increase environmental literacy, boost environmental awareness and inspire personal connection to nature and the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Students, teachers, artists, scientists and community members participate in the Center's diverse educational programming - sharing their perspectives on the natural world and preparing themselves to create change in positive and meaningful ways.

Lakeview, Montana – A ghost town reborn as an educational center. Watch as a small abandoned town in Southwestern Montana’s Centennial Valley comes alive as a unique education destination focused on engaging the arts and humanities to deepen and enliven the study and understanding of the environment, conservation, and sustainability. The Taft-Nicholson Center offers unparalleled opportunities to explore, study and create in a singular wilderness area with diverse ecosystems.




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Last Updated: 3/20/24