Taft Nicholson Center for
Environmental Humanities Education


As an official extension of the University of Utah campus, the Taft-Nicholson Center works to bridge the arts and humanities with the sciences. Our mission is to increase environmental literacy, boost environmental awareness and inspire personal connection to nature. Students, teachers, artists, scientists and community members participate in the Center’s diverse educational programming––sharing their perspectives on the natural world and preparing themselves to impact change in positive and meaningful ways.

Regional News

  • Artist-in-Residence Program Celebration

    In celebration of the 2014 Artist-in-Residence program, join us for an exciting seven days and six nights in Montana's beautiful and remote Centennial Valley, in the heart of the Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge, one hour from Yellowstone National Park.

  • SwanGuided Bird Watching in the Centennial Valley - June 20-22

    Don't miss this unique opportunity to join GYC and guide Dr. David Delehanty for a full weekend of unforgettable guided bird watching!

Center News

  • Ewoud De Groot2015 Artists-in-Residence Program

    The Center is now taking applications for the 2015 Artist-in-Residence Program. Apply here.

  • Reimagine ThumbnailReimagine Western Landscapes Symposium

    Here are some great photos of the Reimagine Symposium - just ended in Centennial Valley. It was an incredible event for the Center despite 5 days of crazy weather.

  • Cello Concert by Stefan KochCello Concert by Stefan Koch

    Join us August 16th for the beautiful sounds of Stefan's cello as he plays works from Bach, Beethoven, and other composers.

  • Reimagine LogoReimagine Western Landscapes Symposium

    The humanities meets conservation at the Reimagine Western Landscapes Symposium, August 21 - 24th. The 2014 Symposium convenes at the Taft-Nicholson Center for Environmental Humanities Education in iconic Centennial Valley, Montana.

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